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More Info Soon. Hang on—this project is so new that the petals (oops, pixels) are still wet. The idea is that you find a book by a San Diego author. You read it (free, no strings, nobody knows who found it)… you enjoy it, and pass it along to another reader as soon as comfortably possible (a few weeks or something?). The name is Book Petal; the game is Forgettable Books. Genius idea, right? The author is a published poet, literary author, and thriller novelist, combining the best qualities of artful writing with a whole lot of fun.

Please read, enjoy, and pass along to the next reader as quickly as comfortable. If you like the book, please consider going to this book's page at the Amazon and B&N (and other online retail websites depending on availability) and leave a favorable comment to help the author with positive feedback. If you didn't like it, please just pass the book along, with the hope that the next person might enjoy it. No people, authors, readers, or small animals harmed in the process.

Galleys, Title Changes. In some cases, the book you find may be a galley, and the title may have changed. If so, you can usually easily find the latest edition online. If not, contact Book Petal and we'll assist you. Please note: we only lose near-perfect galleys for your reading amazement. Usually though it's the finished, final product at its bookly best. Thank you for helping the author. Have a wonderful day.

Quick Info to Start. Please click for quick info on a title by a San Diego author that you found. This will be the latest title/author marketing configuration. Most of our books are available both in print (Amazon order online; B&N online or order delivery at home from a store) or e-book form (typically Amazon Kindle; working on other e-book formats). Thank you for your patience.

more info coming soon