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Quick Info to Start. Here is some quick info on a title by a San Diego author that you found. This will be the latest title/author marketing configuration. Most of our books are available both in print (Amazon order online; B&N online or order delivery at home from a store) or e-book form (typically Amazon Kindle; working on other e-book formats). Thank you for your patience.

Forgettable Titles. We seem to have lost or forgotten the following current titles:

Doom Spore San Diego (science horror in the classic tradition of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. It is DarkSF at its best. What's DarkSF? It's a matter of atmospherics and tone, as in Dark City, Blade Runner, The Matrix, and in fact most classics. Body Snatchers and Doom Spore may also be called science horror, but remember—it's about mood and painting a sumptuous picture. As with all of the author's works, at the end you are uplifted but the trick is getting through all the suspense and twists.

Streamliners Again, DarkSF, this time about parallel worlds with an Art Deco touch in the city of clocktowers, Raritania. It's just a short, magical SF ride out of New York City, on leaf-blown autumn roads by twilight with a young, fresh wind of adventure. You won't find it on your maps, but jump into this book and live in a thousand parallel lives filled with mystery and intrigue.

YANAPOP This fantastic adventure is in a class by itself, almost—until you think of Thomas Pynchon's classic 1965 novel The Crying of Lot 49, or (movies) Jack Lemmon in The Out of Towners, and that handful of weirdly, wonderfully imaginative films including The Last Seduction (Linda Fiorentino), or our favorite, After Hours directed by Martin Scorsese and graced by an all-star cast. Another good one to think of is Jumanji starring Robin Williams. There are a few more, but you get the idea. YANAPOP is a marketing trope (Young Adult, New Adult, Participating Older Persons), for which a fictional Los Angeles media conglomerate is named—with tentacles all over the world and, in fact, out of this world. You have to read it to believe it.

That's Life: A Love Affair. Final title: On Saint Ronan Street, by Jean-Thomas Cullen.

Stop By. Final title: Nice Cry by Jean-Thomas Cullen. A clean romance set in Connecticut, with a young heroine from Oklahoma who has tragically lost her young husband in war, but along comes a young millionaire from nearby Hartford and they fall in love. Pure HEA, with some antics along the way.

Other Forgettable Books Coming Soon. Stay tuned. Read, enjoy, pass it along, leave it somewhere safe (it's a forgettable book). Be kind, treat it as you would treat your own pet, and look for other fine San Diego author books.

more info coming soon